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About Fitness and Nutrition

I come from a world where everyday I'm in a different hotel, in a different city, with different types of equipment and food available for me. 

These factors have really put the Beachbody method to the TEST.

Well, I can say with full confidence that Beachbody has thought of every possible problem one could have, and given us a solution! 

We have over 50 programs available which means there is something for EVERYONE! 


Message me to get more information about what could be right for your life.  

You press play on your workout from anywhere:

...your home, the gym or even a park!


When it comes to picking a workout program, you have a few things to consider:

1) How much time per day can you dedicate to a workout? 30 minutes? 1 hour? 2 hours?

2) What kind of workouts do you enjoy? Cardio? Weight lifting? Martial Arts? Dance?

3) Do you have any previous injuries or surgeries that might prevent you from doing a certain workout move?

All of these questions are very important in finding a program that is sustainable for YOU.


I'm here to set you on a path that not only will get you the results you want, but to provide you with a lifestyle you will enjoy!

Want to try one of our programs for free? Ask me about my next Clean Week groups!

              NUTRITION PLANS

Everybody's body is unique and everyone has different health and fitness goals. 

Bertha might be a mom of three and wants to loose the extra pounds she gained whereas Pete might be very thin naturally and wants to add muscle mass. 

These goals are completely different in respect to your Food Plans! While everyone needs the basics in life (i.e. fruits, veggies, carbs, proteins, etc.) how much each person consumes varies according to their personal fitness goals.

You will get a personalized meal plan with access to hundreds of recipes so you'll never get bored!

Yes, we even have full plans for Vegans and Vegetarians! 

See an example of what one day of nutrition looks like for me!


Everyone always asked if they have to drink a protein shake.... The short answer is "No, you don't have to." 

However, in the long run (and even the short run) it will benefit you in a tremendous amount of ways. 

Shakeology has a ton of minerals and vitamins that are great for you. But I like to mention the ones that are important to me for my clients. 

Those would be the digestive enzymes (for a clean intestine system), the appetite curbing (to help avoid those impulsive cravings), and the MSM (which supports your joints and muscle recovery so you don't develop arthritis). 


These are just some of the benefits from your Daily Dose of Dense Superfoods, Shakeology. 


To see a full list of ingredients, click here. 

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