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Want to become a Beachbody Coach?

Many people have asked me "Why are you a coach?" or "What does being a coach mean?" 

It's truly, very simple. Read below to see all the answers!

           PAY IT FORWARD


Number 1 Rule: You have to want to HELP people on their fitness journey. First and foremost. Not "sell" products. If you want to be a coach for quick cash, this isn't for you. You must have heart, and patience. 


It was an accident when I started coaching... I didn't even know I was doing it! I was simply sharing my fitness journey on social media and people started asking me how I got my "abs" (still can't believe it) and how I made it work with my crazy "Flight Attendant" lifestyle. I started telling them how easy it was and BOOM! Others took after me. 

Beachbody changed my life and I'm forever grateful. I want others to feel that kind of power, that happiness that I feel everyday! 


When you are your own boss, you get benefits right? YES. There are many when you are a Beachbody Coach, such as:

  • Low start up cost or nothing. 

  • Work your own hours from anywhere. #BossLife

  • 25% discount on all Beachbody products: shakes, programs, apparel, etc.

  • No inventory to track. 

  • No billing or shipping to customers. BB does it for you!

  • Unlimited earning potential. 


Ready to make the leap? Read the fine print first!

You have to show that you believe in our products and "Be Product of the Product." 

Which means you'll be drinking our protein shake, Shakeology. Which most of us in the fitness industry are already drinking a protein shake, so most of us are good with that part already.

As a coach you get 25% off everything, including the Shakeology. The business fee as a coach is a monthly $15.95. The shake is normally $129.85/month. So even with the business fee, you're still saving $14 off your own shake. Great right?

Beachbody includes 2 websites for you, already built, so you have somewhere to send your customers. There is one for the workout programs and one for the Shakeology.


Great right?! Got questions? Message me!


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