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I've been coaching full time for a couple years now. Below you can read some testimonials from some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of working with. These people have showed incredible determination and some have even become coaches themselves! 

Thank you for trusting me through this process and journey. <3 

"After years of not having to watch my diet and eating anything I wanted, I found myself tired, no muscle tone, and seeking a change.


Thanks to Coach Ashley Undercuffler and Shakeology, I achieved that. Lost 17lbs of belly fat, and got my mojo back.


It's not a lifestyle change, but a way of life.

You commit to her, and she will definitely commit to you.

Strongly recommend for toning, stamina, and a general sense of well being.

Easy to mix shakes that squash the junk food cravings, and portable. I take it on the road with me!!

Thanks Ashley!"


- Teri S. / Flight Attendant 

"I never thought I would use an online trainer.....

With life changes, I went from an individual who exercise 5 days a week to only doing minimal workouts once per month. I lost the motivation to train on a continual basis.

I met Ashley through Linkedin where she helped me to jump-start my motivation to train and get back to a healthier diet. Working with Ashley on my fitness has been great! She has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well-being. She understands my goals and helps me in choosing the right exercise program offered through Beachbody. Due to a busy schedule, training at home, using Beachbody on demand sessions is perfect for me. Ashley challenges me and recognizes when I'm not pushing myself. Through her infectious personality and encouraging quotes, she motivates me to stay on track to reach my goals. To date, I've lost 10 lbs while gaining stamina, losing inches in my waist, and gaining muscle. I have 10 more pounds to go, and will continue to use Ashley beyond successfully meeting my goals as part of my fitness lifestyle. She continues to make a positive impact in my life as I feel better mentally physically."


- Anthony S. / Staff Services Manager

"I grew up being lucky or so you could say. I could eat whatever I wanted, not that that is healthy, and was really active and never gained any weight. If anything I was accused of being anorexic which was quite offensive.

Fast forward to graduate school and all of a sudden I found myself very stressed and way less active. I gained 20 pounds in 2 years. Once I graduated I moved back home and got my job and with the big adjustment I didn't work out as much as I should and kept up with my poor eating habits and overeating.

Before Ashley I had done insanity, never religiously, here and there but Ashley got me on track. She set me up with T25, which at the time was where I was at and all I could do (modified version) and Shakeology and I began my road to eating better and getting fit.
It has been a rollercoaster with ups and downs but she has always been there to check in with me and offer support!

Thanks Ashley!"

- Molly M. / School Psychologist

"Beachbody did wonders for me because it showed me how to eat healthier via portions. I didn’t have to suddenly stop eating everything I love, but understand how to portion things out to ensure I was being smart with my food intake. The workout programs are great since they accommodate all skill levels and can be done at my convenience. If you are wanting a simply means of learning portion control with great workouts to help you lose weight, then get Beachbody!"

- Caleb M. / Actor

"Personally, I love working out, but always felt like I had to be on a strict diet while doing so. When Ashley handed me a beachbody shake after a work out, I said out loud "this is healthy?!" It was so delicious, I had to know what other flavors it came in. Ashley has a strong dedication and love for health and fitness and I look forward to that shake after every work out. Thanks Ashley!"

- Dan S. / Escape Room Operator


"Ashley is a very knowledgeable human being that not only knows everything about hard work and fitness but numerous aspects of every day practical life. She is such a delight to converse with that I almost forgot I was burning calories hiking up a steep mountain!"

- Anton B. / Actor

Ashley Undercuffler is the best coach in the world!!!

I met Ash when I crashed at her place one night while I was visiting Los Angeles. Then I get to find out she's a Beachbody coach.   I knew about Beachbody like 10 years ago, but I never thought I would meet one of their coaches in person.

At the moment I met Ash, I was weighing in 230 lbs. (Very heavy for a 5'11" Hispanic guy that's always been weighing around 180-190 lbs).
I was going through stuff in life that made me gain 40+ lbs.  
I kept gaining and gaining weight. For a moment I thought it was my age, or maybe I was sick.  No matter what I was doing, I didn't lose any weight. I was wrong.

Then months later, I decided to contact Ash.  I said to myself that I would give this online coach a chance and see if it would work on me. Never done anything like this, so let's try.  BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!!!  THUMBS UP

Ash introduced me to Beachbody workouts. Then she introduced me to Shakeology (amazing product. Caffe Late is my favorite flavor).  I did a few video chats with her, and she educated me very well on my nutrition, and also recommended two different Beachbody programs (there are excercises for whatever you like)  you like fighting, Core de Force it is. You like Lifting weights LIIFT4 it is. Even if you are a party animal and love dancing, there are dancing workouts in there.  
I got addicted to Core de Force and LIIFT4. 

Ashley Undercuffler had been the best asset for my weight loss journey.  You can message her about anything anytime, and she helps you with whatever concern you have.  And she also keeps you motivated. She becomes a friend for you. When I reached out to her, I was weighing 215 lbs.   Then with her help and her Beachbody knowledge,  I got down to 177 lbs in approximately 6-7 months.  All because of her help.  Couldn't have done it without her.  My original goal was 185 lbs, but I took it up a notch and dropped even more.

Now that I lost all that weight and feel amazing, I decided to bulk up, and she's currently helping me with that too....  Ash is awesome people. Whatever goal you have, she knows her stuff. Contact her!!!

- Luis R. / Gov. 

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